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We’re able to help you build consistent centralized data repositories with feeds from multiple sources, and available in real time for decision support in behavioral targeting, marketing optimization and advanced modelling and simulation of your market situation.

We help you define the best and suitable technical environment to set up in order to manage the data we’ve collected and your marketing campaigns efficiently. We build your system (data warehouses) to get you a unique client view and gather various data sources such as back office, web analytics, partners, etc.. Our team will work on each project closely with our CRM consulting team, always keeping in mind your marketing teams’ needs. We help you find the right data visualization solution and the suitable data architecture so that you can easily access all your business KPIs whenever you need to.

The real business value is produced via personalised and dynamic analytical views and reports. This requires that the data is dimensionally modelled and the source system integrations are designed to support the needed reporting and analytic capabilities. As no business is static and the business climate is in continuous transformation, the service framework needs to be flexible as well as scalable.

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