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Noviplus is a lifestyle membership; your gateway to affordable healthy living in the UAE.

Noviplus on its day one in 2012 requested from Brains Interactive to create its strategy and position in the digital space then develop the service that will later reach to thousands of members. Noviplus is a valuable partner to Brains Interactive, and Noviplus has an ongoing support agreement with Brains Interactive.


Understanding the vision, membership product and the business of Noviplus then transform it into a completely functioning online business. Brains Interactive received the designs from Noviplus and developed the service. The main challenge was in creating the membership cards' system that is the core of business. Brains Succeeded to create a flawless system that was a key factor of Noviplus business success.

Brains Interactive kept supporting Noviplus business by updating the website and keeping it aligned with the business requirements.

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